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Alena Guest: Miracles In Medical Hypnosis, MRI Claustrophobia & On Being Your Authentic Self

June 19, 2017

Alena Guest: Miracles In Medical Hypnosis, MRI Claustrophobia & On Being Your Authentic Self



In This Video You Will See:

  • How Alena gets invited to work at the hospital when she uses hypnosis with the CEO in preparation for an upcoming surgery. As a result he was able to get off pain medication and go back to work within 24 hours after surgery and because of this he becomes one or her biggest promoters. Alena then goes on to explain how she eventually began to win over other doctor’s support at the hospital


  • After Alena does emergency hypnosis on a patient for extreme nausea the attending physician remarks that “hypnosis is better than any drug we have”


  • Learn how and why after a hypnosis session takes Alena back to the moment of her birth – this former Actress becomes a hypnotist in which she now considers “The Great Work of My Life”


  • Hear how Alena helps several dying people end life with what she refers to as “A More Graceful Life’s End”


  • Alena helps a woman who had become hopeless after suffering from years of chronic pain from Pancreatitis and multiple surgeries overcome the dread, and the fear of pain. As a result she is then able to move forward in her life and do the things she loves


  • Does the idea of getting into an MRI machine cause you fear? Most people you will ask agree that they wouldn’t want to do it. In this case, your will hear how Alena helps a claustrophobic man have an MRI while feeling the divine presence of God with him


  • Alena describes her favorite work ‘Bringing people back into the authenticity’ through a graceful letting go of the ego and opening up to higher possibilities, creativity and self love


  • How a past life regression helps a man who had almost died several times on the operating table sail through surgery and transform to the point where he was almost unrecognizable the next time he and Alena met again


  • Alena leaves us with some final thoughts on how unbeknownst to us, some of our most harrowing and challenging life experiences not only will show us our ability to be resilient, but what our character is made of and who we really are in the end of it

About Alena Guest

Certified as a Medical Support Hypnotherapist in 2007, by the International Board of Hypnotherapy, Ms. Guest continued to receive comprehensive training from these outstanding mentors: Dr. John Butler, Melissa Roth, Patrick Singleton, Judith Simon Prager, Seth Deborah Roth, Dr. Robert Sapien and Tim Simmerman-Sierra

In addition to running a private practice, in 2010 Alena was approved as the staff hypnotherapist, by the Mendocino Coast District Hospital and since then has provided services to patients. Working beside, she has assisted patients with conditions ranging from morning sickness, all the way to a more graceful life’s end.

Ms. Guest is also an educator, providing inspiration and instruction for numerous organizations such as: The California Small Business Association, The Mendocino Coast Clinics, The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, The College of the Redwoods, The Mendocino Cancer Resource Center and Hypnothoughts.

Alena is a cross between a passionate ambassador and an evangelist for change work. That hypnotherapy so reliably encourages the resiliency of the human spirit, she finds to be awe inspiring. And by reuniting people with their authenticity, as well as restoring their health, Alena feels privileged to be able to do “the great work of her life.”


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