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John Farley On: Miracles In Athletic Performance and Weight Loss

January 3, 2018

John Farley On: Miracles In Athletic Performance and Weight Loss

John Farley has a bachelor’s degree in physical education, a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in the Science of Exercise and Sports Psychology, as well as doctoral studies and research in Applied Sports Psychology. He has been a certified hypnotherapist since 1989 and a certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP Practitioner) since the early 1990’s.
For over 20 years, celebrities, corporate presidents, children and everyday men and women have worked with John to help themselves break old bad habits, lose weight, and transform their lives.

John was the original visionary behind what eventually became NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser as well as Jillian Michael’s product, Body Revolution. As co-founder and President Emeritus of Wexford University, John has changed fitness education world-wide, having taught many of the leading fitness experts. John has also appeared on ABC, NBC, and PBS television.


• How John broke into the hypnosis world when by happenstance, as a result of calling a hypnotist out of the phone book, he found training offered by Hypnotist John Halpin who coincidentally turned out to be the hypnotist for Mike Tyson
• Hear how John went from frequently losing in martial arts competitions to winning a national competition using hypnosis
• John reveals a shocking discovery. “You can’t out exercise a bad diet”, and that exercise alone will not influence weight loss
• Learn what a leading psychiatrist discovers is the number one saboteur of a diet
• Hypnosis will help with emotional eating, what is behind it and how to change it
• Fear of success. Can it stop one from becoming their ideal weight? Hear what John has to say about this
• John Farley keeps it real. Exactly what you need to know that other personal trainers and hypnotists won’t tell you about being successful in both weight loss and exercise
• Learn how athlete’s break through to greater heights. John explains Peak Performance (the work of Dr. Charles Garfield) and how a weight lifter breaks through from lifting 300 lbs. to lifting 360 lbs. in the span of a few hours
• John Farley’s weight loss success in using his own weight loss program was so profound he had to reverse the effects and gain weight back
• John shares how and why the key to success in anything is to have a mild obsession about achieving your goal
• What John learned from studying with Dr. Marlin McKenzie at Columbia University about how we can use intense focus to slow things down for sports performance enhancement. Such as the case with boxing champion Kevin McBride, who used hypnosis to slow down incoming punches so that he had more time to respond
• John shares with us his latest one session miracle with Misophonia, in this clients case, an aversion to the sound of people eating or chewing
• John explains how we can lose weight in our sleep
• You will hear what is involved in John’s online weight loss program Emerge

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