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MIRACLES IN HYPNOSIS PRESENTS: Fast & Permanent Changes With Kevin Laye

September 26, 2017

MIRACLES IN HYPNOSIS PRESENTS: Fast & Permanent Changes With Kevin Laye

What do you get when you combine Quantum Physics, Mind Power and Engineering. In this video Didi Verg the host of Miracles of Mind Tv interviews Hypnotist Kevin Laye who explains how change can occur in seconds to minutes with his revolutionary Psytap creation.

•    How Kevin first got into hypnosis as a result of a life threatening illness in which he only had a 10% chance of coming through the procedure that would inevitably save his life
•    While in the hospital recovering Kevin becomes pain free and entranced while reading a hypnosis book
•    Paul McKenna and Kevin Laye work on 180 people with phobias in just one weekend FAST!
•    Kevin comes up with his own system after studying many of the worlds best healing techniques that he calls Psytap. He then demonstrates a technique from his system on how we can get rid of anger instantaneously
•    Kevin shares what he has learned about Toroid fields and how he can do remote healing from across the room and literally take away a persons pain
•    Can our bodies polarity be reversed? Kevin explains how this reversal affects us negatively
•    Kevin shares how his Calmtech apps works in 6 minutes or less and completely gets rid of stress overtime
•    Hear Kevin’s on tv miracle of a woman who had tried everything for her ailments and how he helps her in less than two minutes.
•    Kevin is now helping people rid themselves of phobia’s in under a minute. Kevin explains for us how it is possible to have big changes in literally minutes with his V-Cart technique.
•    Neurologically & Neurochemically speaking Kevin explains us how trauma causes us to get stuck in our brains and becomes a problem for us
•    Learn why at a quantum level Kevin believes anything is possible

Kevin Laye is an International Trainer, Public Speaker, Published Author and a featured guest therapist on both radio and Television. He is also the Co founder of the Meta Changework Practitioner Academy and the CEO of Calm-Tech.
When he is not working as a hypnotherapist, Kevin is a stand up comedian and a Mentalist where he performs mentalism feats that are similar to that of Darren Brown.
Kevin also offers a variety of techniques online that he has invented such as his Psy-TaP Training and numerous products to help you overcome everything from drinking, with his book Positive Drinking for controlling alcohol consumption, and  Positive Shrinking for weight loss.  If you are looking for Hypnotic MP3 downloads Kevin has a unique set of therapeutic MP3s that address everything from insomnia and stress to weight loss. In this video Kevin shares with us what he calls evidence based miracles.

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