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Miracles In Pain Management Using Hypnosis With Ron Eslinger

December 20, 2017

Miracles In Pain Management Using Hypnosis With Ron Eslinger


Ron Eslinger has helped people from all walks of life with all kinds of pain succeed in ways they never dreamed possible. He is a National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotist and Master Instructor.

Ron is known around hypnosis circles as “The Captain of Pain”, due to his 40 years of work experience and training others in the uses of hypnosis for pain management, as well as having been a Captain in the US Navy. Ron has spent over 20 years using hypnosis in hospital settings, in the Navy, and the public domain as a Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist.

Ron Eslinger is also President and CEO American Association of Moderate Sedation Nurses, Inc., and is impassioned about providing high quality training in the art of working with pain for both hypnotists and those in the medical field.

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  • How Ron first got into hypnosis by hypnotizing his 14 year old sister to howl like a dog, and how she promptly collapsed and was practically immovable much to his surprise after his hypnotic suggestions
  • Ron’s brings hypnosis into the hospital world where he is welcomed by the medical staff because of his ability to use hypnosis to reduce pain, slow down bleeding and promote faster healing
  • Ron shares the importance of the doctor’s choice of words while a patient is in surgery. He also cites a case with a client he had, where a woman woke up screaming in pain after a surgery when this should not have occurred. As a result she went through two years of intense pain and opiate addiction because of a minor comment someone made during her surgery
  • Ron will share how the stress response is intricately connected to pain
  • You will hear about the various types of pain Ron has worked with using hypnosis which include: CRIPS – Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, hypnosis for Phantom Limb Pain, Back Pain, the management of Arthritis pain with hypnosis and Fibromyalgia
  • How back pain is worsened, and why resting too much with a back injury can enhance the pain
  • Ron shares research he was involved in at Wright Patterson Air Force Base which demonstrated that using hypnosis during surgery resulted in less pain, less nausea and vomiting, and less time in recovery at the hospital
  • Ron also cites research that shows that people with long bone fractures healed two weeks faster and spend 2-3 days less in the hospital with the use of hypnosis before surgery than those without the use of hypnosis
  • How and why military hospitals embraced the use of hypnosis, and why public hospitals DO NOT want to use hypnosis despite the research in it’s effectiveness
  • Ron shares his miracles of how he helped a woman with intense chronic pain for over 15 years in just one week regain her life back. She was so impressed she then made hypnosis for pain management her life’s work
  • The mind body connection and how we hypnotize ourselves into our problems with what we tell ourselves
  • How Ron teaches his grandson at the age of 2 ½ how to heal himself when he needs to
  • You will hear how Ron helps a woman after Blepharoplasty heal who can’t stop blinking her eyes constantly
  • Ron leaves the audience with how we have the power in our own brain and thoughts, when we use our minds to control our bodies
  • He cites how people struggle with sleep and what you need and what we can say to ourselves to get a good nights sleep

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