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Past Life Regressionist To The Stars Lesley Mitchell Clarke Tells All About Her Miraculous Healing’s Using Hypnosis

August 9, 2017

Past Life Regressionist To The Stars Lesley Mitchell Clarke Tells All About Her Miraculous Healing’s Using Hypnosis


  • Lesley recognizes right away when traditional hypnosis fails to work with an elderly client in constant chronic pain that a past life regression is in order. Listen to the miraculous healing and the realizations that occur as a result of her past life regression experience
  • Why we choose difficult lives with abuse and suffering
  • Lesley shares with us what happens in the in between life state
  • What occurs during a life review? Lesley explains
  • What other planet reincarnation! Didi shares her dreams of a past life where she can breathe underwater
  • You will learn about the Akashic records and how people view their lifetimes
  • A woman kicks her abuser to the curb and changes her life after a past life regression with Lesley
  • Hear about the Miracle of Xenoglossy where people begin to speak a foreign language unknown to them while in a past life regression
  • Lesley talks about her own son’s past life regression and process of self forgivenessA that cleared up a life long phobia of loud noises
  • ASTHMA BE GONE! With past life regression hear how and why this can happen
  • How we bring past life ailments into our present day lives and how having a regression can cure those ailments
  • How a past life regression can change us. Hear the story of how a wealthy woman works for social welfare after her past regression experience


Lesley Mitchel – Clarke is a Master Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Hypnosis Regressionist with a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Lesley has been working in the field of hypnosis for well over 20 years where she first began her hypnosis career working as a Psychiatric Nurse Technician in a Mental Hospital. From there Lesley went on to work with the famed Georgina Cannon in her Toronto Canada clinic where celebrities from all over North America came to experience Past Life Regressions. Lesley currently works at the Bloom Center For Hypnotherapy and her own clinic Light Workers Hypnosis in Toronto Canada as well as her practice in Los Angeles where she specializes in Past Life Regression. Lesley is also a contributor at various hypnosis conferences where she regularly presents on a variety of topics.


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